Hard Things

10:36 AM

    It doesn't matter who or where we are, life will always ask us to do hard things. I remember when I was a single mom raising three young girls, working towards my graduate degree, and teaching first-grade full time. I still can't believe I did it, but I did! It was definitely a joint effort. I relied daily on the grace of God. He was my partner.

One morning in particular, I remember trying to wake myself up. My eyes felt plastered together and my body was heavy with exhaustion. I had been up all night typing a paper for class and had slept about three hours. My three little girls were snoozing away. I needed to get them up and ready for school. In less than an hour, I would be with 24 energetic, six-year-old children, all eager to learn and looking to me for guidance. I had a three hour class to attend that night. It would be a long time before I made it back to my bed and back to sleep. It all felt so impossible in that moment.

Dear Father, Help! That was my simple and desperate prayer that morning. His answer was an immediate, clear thought in my mind. "You can do hard things!" If felt loving, supportive, and understanding.

That was all I needed to hear that morning. Of course He knew! The One who suffered all for us all! My Savior knew what this type of exhaustion and responsibility meant and He so much more. More than I could ever comprehend. He personally knows me and you and our potential.

And so that became my mantra. Anytime life seemed to be asking too much of me, I would repeat the words, "I can do hard things." I would say this sentence five times, each time emphasizing one of the words; I can do hard things! I CAN do hard things! I can DO hard things! I can do HARD things! I can do hard THINGS! Saying the words out loud seemed to have a greater effect. Some mornings I'd start out mumbling and by the end of my chant, it sounded more like a battle cry.

We are all asked to do hard things at different times throughout our life. I had to chant my mantra again this morning, but this time in my mind so I wouldn't wake my sleeping husband. It's been a while since I have done that and I am glad it came to my mind when I needed to remember it. I have different "hard" things now, but with God by my side I nothing is impossible. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this or ask God to help us remember if we forget!

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